Monday, July 7, 2008


Eeks! The first of three H&M stores in the Seattle area opens in a couple weeks during Westfield Southcenter's grand re-opening - July 25th to be exact. It'd be totally crazy for me to take th day off to go shop, right?

And it'll probably be even more crazy because XXI Forever is opening that day too! (They already have a small Forever 21 store there, I wonder how that's gonna work...)

Speaking of XXI Forever, I finally made it to the new one at Northgate and it's as glorious as people have been telling me! It was so big, I was actually overwhelmed and couldn't buy anything! Actually, I felt bad because Hunny Bunny was sitting outside waiting for me, and I hate feeling hurried when I'm shopping so I ended up leaving.

*sigh* It's for the best though, isn't it? I have to at least try to make it a couple weeks without buying anything.


Persian Tea said...

i'm so excited for the one in u village to open up!

p.s. i love your blog 'cause i'm poor too!

Tam Pham said...

aahh tell me about the chanel ring you're coveting!!!!! i'm nosey rosey!

Brooke said...

Love the play on your title, "HMMM". Very clever.

Diabolina said...

mr. d is supposed to write a post about shopping with your woman. will nudge him.

finding it inconceivable that you existed without an H&M and a decent Forever!!

style-ish said...

I just went to the XXI Forever in Northgate too and that place is like the motherland of all forever 21's. So crazy.

Did you end up going to the H&M? I don't really like Southcenter, haven't been there in about 8 years but I'm sure it's completely different now!