Tuesday, July 15, 2008

she got it from her mama

As I ruefully perused the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (again!) with mommy looking over my shoulder, I pointed out the adorable Ugg boots and said that if I were to buy anything during the sale, it would be those!

Mommy dearest said that I must get them! She thought they were as adorable as I did and said I could never go wrong with such comfy shoes. Besides, I could always return them if I changed my mind but if they sold out, then I'd be kicking myself. Hmmm. She does have a point.

Honestly, who am I to question her? She's so much more worldly and wise than I.

1 comment:

Diabolina said...

i almost got them on saturday. what color you thinking? i was leaning toward gray.

but it was a 100 degrees out so i just couldn't. i am thinking they will sell out. At least in L.A.

do they have them in burgundy?? I kick myself for not getting the regular burgundy ones to this day.