Wednesday, August 13, 2008

am i crazy?

For some reason, I really like these LNA zippered leggings at ChickDowntown..

I really don't know how wearable they are, but I just like them. I do! I do! I DO!

(Note to HB: See how easily those two little words just roll off your tongue?!)

Anyway, I better think about it some more before I whip out the CC. They're kinda edgy and I'm kinda not. Not to mention the fact that I'm too cheap to pay $99 for them!

Maybe I'm just swept up in the 80s look that Katie Holmes has been rockin' with those rolled up jeans!


tam pham said...

ohhh tam likey too!

Brittany said...

Sorry, you are crazy. Go with your gut. Unless your gut says to buy those crazzzzy leggings. In which case, your gut may just be very hungry.

Diabolina 3.1 said...

i love these too. but i don't think i can!!! "they are kinda edgy, i'm kinda not" ;)

I AM DYING AT YOUR HILARIOUS COMMENTS OF LATE. Thanks for making me laugh. I kiss you!!!