Tuesday, August 26, 2008

and then there was dior..

So Nordstrom had a Dior cosmetics event last week and of course I got talked into making an appointment to have a makeover. What girl doesn't love to be beautified??

I promised myself that I wouldn't buy anything but when push comes to, well, mostly it was just a nudge, I'm a sucker for all things pretty - especially me!

As soon as I sat down, my makeup artist took control without even asking what I wanted done. I do like to be dominated once in a while! I have to hand it to her though. Her enthusiasm for the product was intoxicating. If Mango wasn't there to rein me in, I'd probably buy everything!

Who am I kidding? I'm planning to buy everything eventually. I'm just being somewhat good about waiting until I finish what I have at home first!

For this occasion though, I decided it would be okay for me to purchase only the colors and none of skincare*. I'd been lusting after the Gaucho palette since the Anniversary Sale but I hadn't tried it yet. But when the artist showed me to achieve both a simple day look and a sexy smoky eye, I was sold!

I also picked up the Lip Maximizer. It's supposed to plump up your lips by bringing the collagen up to the surface. I don't know if that's actually happening, but I do know that I love the way my lips feel. It's not that burning sensation that I get with the Lip Injection stuff and my lips feel moisturized instead of irritated.

And finally, I got this eye liner brush. I love how the bristles are really short so I can get super close to my lashes. It just fills in all the extra space between my sparse lashes to make the look my lush.

Oh! I almost forgot to mention that I got a neat little makeup case too! I'll try to remember to post a pic as soon as I take one!

I'm just about ready to send in for another of the Dior VIP rewards!

*For Seattle-area Dior-fiends: Did you know that the duty-free shop on the way up to Vancouver, BC carries nearly all the Dior skincare at a discounted price?? And of course you don't have to pay tax! Just be sure to take the exit to the truck border. I'm waiting for someone to go so I can send them on a mission for me to pick up some Capture Totale!

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Tiffany said...

that's good to know about the lip maximizer. I don't like the tingling of the lip plumpers that I've tried.