Saturday, August 9, 2008


I had some time to kill before meeting some friends for happy hour on Friday so I thought, why not go to the Rack.

What's this?

Another designer shoe delivery, even more fabulous than Ms. Style-ish's last visit?! I had trotted over there as quickly as I could but all the good ones were already gone.

I was lucky this time! (Perhaps a little 8-8-08 charm?) I couldn't resist picking up these gorgeous, yet simple, Balenciaga sandals. I'm a Balenciaga-virgin, ya know. I love how the insoles are this amazing metallic blue. You can just barely get a glimpse when I walk.

But wait! Get this.. The shoes are marked as size 39 wide! There is now way my 7 1/2, sometimes 8, feet can fill out a size 9 shoe. When I saw them, I just knew they couldn't be a true 9 so I tried them on and voila. There you have it - not a bit big.

Found some lovely Valentinos too but they were a 38 1/2 and waaaaaay too big..

Moral of the story, it never hurts to try!


Diabolina 3.1 said...


thanks for teaching about the blue insoles!!!

now a better fashionista ;)

tam pham said...

what did i tell you about high end designers who love to give our feet a fat complex???

Tiffany said...

awesome find!! they are gorgeous.

J e s s i c a said...

Don't you just love a lucky find !
They look amazing.
Great blog btw.