Sunday, November 23, 2008

i'll be loving you FOOOREEEEEVER!!!


Why yes I was at the NKOTB concert yesterday.

I honestly wasn't expecting to go as crazy as I did, but girrrrrl... I was screaming like a 12-year-old at a New Kids on the Block concert.

And this was the best part.

I remember when going bananas when Jordan did this at the Step by Step concert too. He's dreamy. And I know he was totally thinking of me as he sang.

The women around us obviously weren't truly dedicated fans because they kept looking at us funny when we knew every. single. word. to every. single. song. I'm almost embarrassed to admit how hystical I got at the end. But I don't embarrass easily.



eno said...

What? No pic of your concert attire? Did you rat your bangs and go with a side ponytail? Peg your pants and wear your keds? Looks like you had good seats!

Diabolina 3.1 said...


truly one of the best nights of my life! ugh and that jordan's nips are like cat nip.

i'll be loving you forever for being such a nerd!


Tiffany said...

ah! too great!

just had lunch today with a friend who was at the concert too! Told me that she sat next to some teenager girls that held "F*** Me!" signs!!