Sunday, December 28, 2008

and it gets awesomer

Hunny Bunny's mom has never given me a Christmas gift. And I never expected one, especially since we've never spent the holiday together! I suppose because of the impending nuptials, she decided to send me a little package - a gift card to Nordstrom! Momma Bunny knows me so well.

Anylucky, MB didn't write how much was on the card so I decided to call the hotline and see what the balance was. To my utter delight, the card had an extra 'zero' to number I was thinking. I won't go into details because talking about money is soooo tacky, but let's just say it was nearly enough for me to pay for both of these teeteringly tall beauties that I had presaled on Christmas Eve to be picked up on Boxing Day.

I had a couple other gift cards (thanks Veen!) and only had to pay $25 to cover the rest.

I heart these grey Miu Miu suede booties.

There's just a little bit of a hidden platform so they're not that high.

And the Jimmy Choo T-strap Mary Janes? Fahgettaboutit!

Sure they're sky high and I can barely walk, but dang it. I'll get used to it, right? I mean after my snowboarding accident three years ago, I really haven't been that adventurous in heels. I think its high time I get back to wearing them. Don't you agree?

What better way to recover than to jump right back in? Feet first.

Thanks for the shoe spree Momma Bunny!

One side note, Hunny Bunny was a little peeved that all he got for Christmas from his momma was some long underwear. Better than lumps of coal, I say!


Savvy Mode SG said...

lucky gal, they both look so yummy!

Diabolina Da Fashionista said...

loves them both. yay to getting back on the high heel horse!