Thursday, December 4, 2008

more of the same

More layoffs at work this week. I'm safe. I think. For now.

The newish gal was messing around with contact lists and some how deleted the contacts for all of my projects. Bah!

striped cardigan: Forever 21
tunic: Velvet
scarf: Gap
skinny jeans: J Brand (I got them for $45!)
sling back heels: Chanel

I really need to work on this picture taking thing.

Anyway, I went to a boot camp class yesterday and holy crap. Imagine an entire hour of "Jump side to side. Now jumping jacks! 40 more! Glide side to side like you're speedskating! Now drop to you knees and give me double count pushups. 20 more! Now singles! Give me 15! Back up and let's squat! Sit way back! Now hold for 30! Feel the burn! Now run in place! Faster! Like you're training at football camp! How about some leg lifts! Work that booty! Are you feeling it? Give me 20 more! Now the other side! Ready for some abs? Oh yeah! Don't you feel great! Now double count! Give me 20 more! Crunch it! Should we do 20 more? Yeah! Singles!"

I seriously can't walk. I really shouldn't be wearing my Chanels because they're not helping me with my gait so I'll just stand here.

UPDATE: Have been getting compliments from coworkers on the shoes today. Woohoo! I'm doing something right.


Brooke said...

Love that cardigan. Um and am crazy about the heels!

If only you could see what I wear to work...I'm pretty sure you wouldn't associate with me via the blog world.

tam pham said...

fierce, honey!

Savvy Mode SG said...

cool look. yah for chanel heels. i love them, just can't walk in them.

Savvy Mode SG said...

hahhaaa... i agree those ruffle undies are not really meant for wearing out...

bri said...

yea, i do boot camp classes too! and they are extremely hardcore.. but they work so well. its *somewhat* worth it, except when you can't walk up the stairs...
have you tried spinning? thats even worse because then it hurts to pee.

Diabolina 3.1 said...

you are delish in that outfit. casual chic.

were you reading my blog when i was taking my bootcamp class? if not click on the tag working out. some of those entries are my funniest writing ever.


Tiffany said...

adore the black and gray combo. especially those shoes... loves!

where do you do bootcamp at? I just started a private Pilates Reformer class that is pretty awesome but I always love doing cardio as well.