Friday, February 27, 2009

trying a little harder

Because I have this little addiction to shopping and because I've been succumbing to every little urge, I've had to find other ways to be a recessionista.

Basically, I've been trolling craigslist for free services - specifically a free haircut.

I ended up getting a simple blunt haircut by a student at Seven Salon that turned out pretty well, aside from taking a really long time (nearly three hours!) It'll at least tide me over until I feel like actually paying for a haircut!

During my search, I also found another salon seeking hair models for a blow out class. Since it didn't involve any cutting or color, I volunteered and was glad I did!

The teacher apparently really liked the density and texture of my hair because it really holds the style and she asked to keep me on file as a hair model. She anticipates holding these types of styling classes for their employees about once a month.

Complimentary blow out once a month? Yes please!


booty scratcha said...

i was telling my coworkers bout your free blowout...but i accidentally said you got a free blowj*b...they snickered before i figured out what i said! aww yeah! Maegan said...

that's awesome looks fantastic!!!

Diabolina Da Fashionista said...


drollgirl said...

what a FANTASTIC IDEA!!! so glad to hear this is possible! and your hair looks great. well done.

tam pham said...

such a great idea! your hair looks so purty!