Tuesday, March 31, 2009

in and out

I swear this was the fastest shopping I've ever done. Between Posh on Main and La Ree, it took me just 45 minutes total to do all that damage. I guess it's all that running I've been doing.

Everything I bought was 85-95% off so nothing more than $50. Including this Les Chemins Blancs wool skirt with side pocket. I normally prefer wearing shorter skirts but I really like the casual ease of this skirt. It's so comfortable. I think I'll wear it with flats and a hoodie.
(Sorry for my ghetto photos. I didn't realize it was blurry!)

Anyway, I had to have this Alexander Wang knit tunic. It's a bit on the sheer side, but I have an American Apparel racer back tunic that fits perfectly underneath.

Aside from that, I have no idea how I'm going to wear it. Ideas? My closet is so overloaded right now, I can't see/think straight!

I'd been eyeing this floral Christopher Deane dress for a looooong time. Even when it went down to 60% off, I didn't want to plunk down the dolla-dolla-bills-y'all. But at 90% off, it was calling my name! I like to think that it was meant to be!

I love the square neckline and the flutter sleeves actually make me look feminine and less errr... broad.

I tried it on at home with my new Pedro Garcia flats, you know, for that whole pop-of-color thing that everyone and their mom keeps insisting is a must-do. They were right! It's tres romantique.

Lastly, I grabbed this Jenni Kayne top. Can you guess why?

They're my, I mean our, wedding colors! Yay! Is that lame?


But seriously. Why was that top originally $500? Who can afford that? Certainly not I...

I got it for $25.


tam pham said...

such great goodies!!!

Diabolina Da Fashionista said...

amazing. love the skirt, top, dress and tank in that order.

you can do that tank with anything. shorts, jeans, black pants, maybe even tucked into that skirt.

you done good,

WendyB said...

The top is especially amazing -- love the colors -- and what a steal too.

...love Maegan said...

great buys!! love the yellow top ...at such a deal!!!!

Fabi said...

once again, SO JEALOUS! that jenni top is goooooorgeous. and yay for alexander wang! wear it with black skinnies!

Savvy Mode SG said...

what a bargain!!!

tanya said...

that Jenni Kayne Top is making me drool. I LOVE IT! (Especially love the huge bargain you got it for) :-)

Fashion Therapist said...

Such great finds! I'm so jealous.

ccshopaholic said...

Wow, those are great deals! Love all of them!