Saturday, March 14, 2009

talking mango

Guest Post!

Little Mango just celebrated a quarter of a century and she agreed to share a little of her birthday splurge on herself at Last Waltz - the cutest little boutique that sadly closed its doors.

It's so sad to see this cute boutique not make it through the recession. I guess it wasn't too much of a surprise when I found out they were closing for good and selling everything - including the furniture. They sold a mixture of stylish vintage and new clothing, but they were located in the Central District next to a place that had pole dancing lessons and not in the good stripper way! And although I lived a mere two blocks away, I'd only been there a handful of times and never actually bought anything until now.

The first item I found was this khaki and black patent leather clutch from Hayden Harnett for $30.

It still had the dust bag and is cheaper than the Hayden Harnett bags at Target! (lrb commentary: How cute is this clutch? I love the 70s vibe.)

The first dress I tried on was this denim dress by Sublet Clothing for $28. I was really unsure about a full denim dress, but it actually looked really cute on.

Next, I picked up this shiny silver and black block dress by Allison Wonderland for $40. (lrb: Now this is quite a grown up dress! Color block is always the way to go. Adore the high waist! Tres chic.)

And the last item I got was this black skirt by Humanoid for $24. The skirt fits very low and I'm very short so I will have to have it taken up at least 6 inches and possibly turning it into a bubble skirt. (lrb: Way to be creative and making it work! I'm a big fan of taking my deals and steals to my lovely tailor and having her work her magic! It's a great skill to be able to envision how it could look!)

I had hoped that this neighborhood would pick up and more cute boutiques would open up nearby and kick out the seedy shops, but I guess I never really did my part to help.

Lesson of the day: Shop more and shop local!



tam pham said...

all great buys! i love guest posts!

j.a.c.k said...

mango needs her own blog now! no more of this guest blogger sh*t. hahaha. see you guys at the parlor for your bday, lil cuz!

Keith L. Jennings said...

I also like the vintage clothes as it's very comfortable to wear and its price is also reasonable. The black is my favorite vintage clothes. Thank you for all of dress collection. All are awesome