Tuesday, May 19, 2009

let's hear it for the boys

Shave Swap at Kiehl's! This is what they said:

This summer, in celebration of our male customers, and to lead up to Father’s Day, Kiehl’s is honored to launch Kiehl’s First Annual Shave Swap! For 10 days, May 29 through June 7, men are invited to trade in their shaving cream (at least a 4 oz.-size, please!) for one of our best-selling Ultimate Brushless Shave Cream formulas—a full 5 oz. tube! Each customer will also be asked to participate in a 5-minute personal consultation with a Kiehl’s Customer Representative, after which he will receive three samples of the Kiehl’s products best suited to his personal skin or hair needs.

We invite men to visit their nearest Kiehl’s store, swap for one of our best-selling shave creams, and work with our representatives to explore our efficacious skincare formulations and our newest products such as Razor Bump Relief. The Shave Swap will take place at Kiehl’s free-standing stores only.

Kiehl’s Shave Swap details:

Shave Swap takes place May 29 through June 7
Shave Swap takes place only at Kiehl’s free-standing stores: visit http://www.kiehls.com/ to find the nearest Kiehl’s store.
Gentlemen patrons are invited to trade in a current shave cream, from any brand, at least a 4 oz. size, in exchange for a 5 oz. Ultimate Brushless Shave Cream formulation. Patrons can choose between Kiehl’s White Eagle, Blue Eagle or Green Eagle formulations.
Gentlemen patrons must complete a 5-minute personal consultation with a Kiehl’s Customer Representative, and will receive 3 complimentary samples of the Kiehl’s skin or hair care formulations appropriate to him.
· Kiehl’s welcomes our female patrons to trade and sample Men’s formulations on behalf of a special man in her life.
· Event is limited to one shaving cream trade per customer.

Our Ultimate Brushless Shave Cream is one of our much-loved, best-selling formulations, and we’re honored to give all of our male patrons a chance to try it, if they’ve not already! This will also be an opportunity for them to preview Kiehl’s Father’s Day gift assortments, which will be available in-store.

We look forward to your visit during the swap, May 29 through June 7!

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Hanako66 said...

that's awesome...Hub loves that stuff!