Wednesday, July 1, 2009

to jean or not to jean

I can't stop thinking about getting new jeans! But I can't really decide what I want.

Normally, I prefer plain jeans with zero embellishments and no distressing or "whiskers". My favorite jeans are J Brand.

But lately, I guess since I've been hosting the Current/Elliot giveaway (have you entered yet??), I've been obsessing over those skinnies (ugh, can I win my own giveaway?) as well as the boyfriend jean.

Seriously, they're totally not my style and I totally thought Katie Holmes looked completely ridic when she started sportin' them.

Then I see Rachel Bilson and Reese Witherspoon wearing them.. And they look so darn cute! It makes me wonder if I'd look that cute wearing a scrubby tshirt carrying my dog around town!

Maybe I should get something less hole-y though - like these Rich & Skinny ones. They're a little cleaner, which is more me.

Or maybe I should just go out on a limb and be crazy.

And forget about suggesting that I steal my actual boyfriend's jeans. They'd be too small. *shame* He wears baby size 28 and they're loose on him - real boy jeans don't account for real girl booties.

These (birthing) hips don't lie.


Hanako66 said...

I totally love this style now too!

Savvy Mode SG said...

I am with you on jeans but recently I have bleached and torn up perfectly good jeans.