Tuesday, December 1, 2009

down the aisle... finally

I could barely breathe knowing I was on the cusp of being married. FOREVER.

One of Hunny Bunny's groomsmen is a doctor and he made me take several deep breaths so I didn't pass out.

Here we go!

Leave it to me to be the one who started giggling while trying to repeat after the officiant. Teehee!

Cocktail hour went by in a blur. HB and I ordered the best hors d'oeuvres - pork sliders, harissa chicken wings and caprese skewers! Too bad I didn't have any! I couldn't eat a thing all day. But the kids, young and old, loved the sliders.

For the reception, we did the W's fabulous "May We Take Your Order" package. Each of our guests were given a menu with four entree choices. It was so elegant and all of our guests raved about the food.

Each guest started with a seared sea scallop with lobster sauce and a Cascade salad with house-made prosciutto, arugula and blueberries. For the intermezzo everyone had a tart and tasty lemon sorbet.

The entree choices were baked halibut with tomatoes provencal; braised beef short ribs with butternut squash and a plum mostarda; grilled beef tenderloin with creme fraiche whipped potatoes; and grilled eggplant ricotta lasagna.

I chose tiramisu cheesecake for our wedding cake.

The rest of the evening flew by - so quickly that I completely forgot to do the bouquet toss! Mommy keeps teasing me about it, even though she totally took my toss-bouquet home with her.

At one point, the boys kept me distracted while my friends snuck up to our honeymoon suite and decorated our room with candles and flowers petals.

I thought about taking a bath that night, but when I looked in the tub, there were smudges and bits of dirt in it!

Now I know why...


J.A.C.K said...

hella fun, sis! good drinks, great food, fam, friends (old and new!). aww yeah! we should do this again! D'OH!

J.A.C.K said...
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Diabolina Da Fashionista said...

adorable! but i needs pictures of all that foooood.

-sad I wasn't invited.

Brooke said...

Wow. You looked gorgeous. LUUUVVVVV your dress. I'm a sucker for lace. Also of course love your pearls and the story behind them. Looks like a perfect night. cheers to you and your hubby bunny! Let the adventure begin!

Tiffany said...

congrats! you looked gorgeous!

Fashion Therapist said...

Yay! Congrats - you look gorg!

Baby Mama said...

Room service! Who are the hotties in the tub? meow!

kimmie said...

congrats on your wedding!! you look beautiful! :)