Sunday, November 18, 2007


I don't know why I'm so addicted to Target's GO International-especially with sickly sweet Erin Fetherston designing. I mean, I actually woke up early to go to Target to see heart shaped bags and ruffly dresses! Alas, I have one more confession... I went to TWO Targets just in case there was something I missed. OH THE SHAME! (Just a side note, the Target in Factoria did not have any EF stuff out yet - which means that yes, I started by driving all the way down to the gloriously, magical Target in Renton!)

I tried on that ebony bow jacket. It's actually really cute, but the other stuff, they're a little too cute if you know what I mean. Seriously? Bunnies. No thanks. I ended up buying just the black tee with the faux bow. I didn't really like the bow but the top is surprisingly flattering as it hides my juiciness.

And then what do I do as soon as I get home? I hit up! There were a bunch of items that weren't available at the store and next thing you know I have 4 items in my shopping cart! Honestly, the quality of the garments are questionable but I think I just like the idea of having them in my closet - as if they're going to be worth something in the future. HA! But I was good, I didn't "check out" and those items remain in shopping cart limbo. (By the way, did you know you can get 5 miles/$1 spent at on Northwest Airlines? You just link to through and of course you have to be signed up for mileage too!)

I think the Loeffler Randall stuff comes out in January. I'm sorta looking forward to it even though the pix I've seen aren't that appealing. I think it's partly because I was obsessing over a Loeffler bag for a hot one. Then I realized that it was still $700+ and if I actually had that moola, I should probably save for a little longer and buy a real designer bag, like a delicious Balenciaga or a this-is-why-I-live-at-home Chanel. Do you even know where I'm going with this? Just a couple more months and I'll be in Paris. Ooh la la!

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