Friday, November 23, 2007

come home

This is the Chloe back that I'd be drooling over for the longest time. I really want the black one, but of course only the ivory one is one sale for 40% off. Oh me oh my... What do I do??

Right brain: I really want a new bag!

Left brain: But I really want a BLACK bag..

RB: But this one is on sale!

LB: But it's not exactly the one I want..

RB: But it's ON SALE!

LB: I know, I know..

I'll let the brains duke it out for a couple hours.. Maybe the bag will be sold by the time I get to Nordstrom. Other Chloes are on sale now too!

1 comment:

Hapalicious said...

Man, I would stick with your plan to get the black one. It's worth waiting to get exactly what you want!