Monday, November 26, 2007

i'll shop vicariously through you!

Puella has these fun Grab Bags that go for $150 and they include 10 random pieces from their current season. I haven't actually purchased a bag yet, but have always been tempted. Hehehe. They're not always in stock but you can ask them to email you when they have them again. (Sorry the coupon looks ghetto.)

Word on street is the Ralph Lauren has a 30% discount if you use the code HOL2006 when you check out. I'm not 100% about the code.. Maybe it's HOL2007. It's supposed to be valid through Dec. 4, 2007. Good luck! has a ton of great discounts listed too.
Click here!

Alas, I didn't buy the Chloe bag... I went to Nordstrom right after work to look at the sale bags. I actually found a tote-style bag in the color that I wanted. I carried it around for about twenty minutes - I even called a couple people for moral support. *sigh* I then found a lovely Christian Louboutin clutch on sale. So I carried that around and looked at myself in the mirror and imagined all the glamorous parties and events I could take it to.. And then I put them both down and walked out of the store with my shoulders slumped in defeat as I threw up a little bit in my mouth for being strong.

Here's the clutch:

Dammit. If I find either of those bags at 60% off, I'm buying it. Eff being strong - so what if I won't have any money to put in the bag? I'll be cute and poor.

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mizleilei said...

I am on the emailing list for Puella. I have to wait until JUNE to purchase one! What the hell?! What about some cute winter stuff in the mean time? Pooo...I'm going to buy one just to see what's in it. :p