Tuesday, November 27, 2007

moment of weakness

Now I think I'm going to throw up because I just ordered a Jimmy Choo bag! It's on sale at Bergdork (typo but I kinda like it!) It kinda reminds me of the Ramona bag but smaller and way less expensive. This one is $988 from $1475. Woohoo! It's black and it's under $1K!

This is the Chloe that I was holding around the other day. I'm totally over it now. Hahaha. Hey! I'm a girl! I was born to be fickle. Besides it's a bit too tall and quite pricey.

Does that mean I can't buy another bag in January when I go to Europe? Of course not! Buying a bag there would be considered as buying a souvenir and you can't go on vacation without buying souvenirs, right?

Anyway, Bergdorf and Neimans both started their designer sales today. (If you live where I live, you should order from Bergdorf, if you can.. Neimans charges tax!) Now go spend some money so I don't feel quite so guilty.

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Jean said...

congratulations on your new baby!