Wednesday, December 19, 2007

gone glamazon, gone

Word on the street is that my nemesis (only in my mind), whom I fondly - and jealously - call "Glamazon" is moving to the glamazon mothership of NYC. Don't get me wrong, she has no idea the Battle of the Fashionistas going on at the office. Probably because she's winning.

There are days when I come to work thinking, "Hey! I look pretty stylish today!" And then I see her 5'9" skinny, size 2 arse struttin' around wearing her vintage high waisted tulip skirt with a billowy silk blouse tucked and 4 inch heels and long blonde silky hair that always looks like there's wind blowing through it... BAH! I should just go home now!

Alas, she is moving on to the final stages of the battle without me. She still needs to defeat many more fashionistas with big boobs and small waists in order to come out champion! She has a rich boyfriend at her side so keeping her designer artillery at optimal levels shouldn't be difficult. I wish her luck. Perhaps we'll meet again some day.


mango said...

good riddance

j.a.c.k said...