Thursday, December 20, 2007

old lady..

Just kidding! Old NAVY!

Did you go crazy at Old Navy during the summer the way I did?? I thought everything was just super cute and so affordable. Then along came Fall and all they had were lame coats.. Until today! I decided it was time to end my boycott and lo and behold! Cute stuff again!

Alas, having just gone to J. Jill (not for me! for me mum!) and buying her Christmas gift I felt too guilty to spend any moola on myself.

Isn't this hoodie super duper cute? They didn't have it at the store but I like that it's kinda fancy for a sweatshirt. It's on sale for $20.
They didn't have this dress at the store either but I really like the lantern sleeves and it's only $17! I could wear it once and not feel guilty!

They did have this double-breasted cardigan. It's pretty cute but the craftsmanship is questionable and it's $35. Make it $15 and I'll take it! I just can't pay full price for items at O.N. It'll go on sale!

(Don't you think it's funny that if it's at Nordstrom or Saks, $100 for a sweater is a steal! But when it comes to something from O.N. and Target, you don't want to pay more than $20.)

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