Monday, December 10, 2007

naughty or nice

Does it really matter? I better get a good gift from my bf. He's finally asked for my Christmas list so I'm compiling random stuff on it. I kinda like this jacket by Puma.

I actually saw this jacket while browsing through my brother's Complex magazine. It was a gift idea for guys to buy their girlfriends. Maybe I should get a subscription for my bf so he has these things at home. Anyway, I think it'd be cute to wear on weekends.

I'm also going to add this 3.1 Phillip Lim dress that I had seen at Barney's a while back. It's on sale now, so I'll put it on the list. Click here to see the dress. I'm going to put that miu miu bag on this list too, even though it's waaaaaaay over his threshold. Maybe he's feeling generous! (And yes, he has a threshold for my gifts that has now reach $350, which is quite an accomplishment on my part. I was stuck at $250 for a couple years. I finally got a raise!)

Hmm. I should put a picture of a diamond ring on my list too. Two carats anyone?


Ivan said...

ding ding ding! so you want that puma jacket for xmas? what size, b*tch? that makes my job easier.

Hapalicious said...

What is it with everyone and two-carat diamonds these days? LOL!