Saturday, January 12, 2008

free for me

Damn these big feet.. Barneys had these gorgeous Chloe boots on sale and had they had my size, I would've totally bought them. Alas, they only had a 6 and my boat feet couldn't even pretend to fit them.

So instead I bought this Vince sweater. It's super warm and I love how the belt is hidden.. The straps just poke out of holes in the front. I got it in a charcoal color. It was 60% off! But really it was free since I had my gift cards from Christmas.

I also bought a cotton Vince top for $19. I didn't really need it but how often do you find something at Barneys for that price?

Besides, I've decided on a new rule... It doesn't really count as shopping if it's under $20. That's why I bought two tops at Old Navy yesterday. They were $7 each. Not shopping at all. Yep. Not shopping at all.

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