Monday, January 14, 2008


I've been reading a lot about how there's going to be a recession in the luxury goods industry. People just can't afford it any more! I remember when fancy high-end designer bags such as Gucci and Prada were under $500. Now you can barely get anything under $1000.

This recession could end up being a good thing for us po' folk though. Everything is going on sale! Just look at Neiman Marcus! Get an additional 40% off their Last Call Sale. Woohoo!

So what we need to do as a group is not buy anything at regular price... Then the retailers will have to put it on sale sooner. And then we'll be able to afford to buy more stuff. And then we'll have more sizes and options on sale. And then my dreams of becoming Master of the Retail Universe will come true. And then we'll all be happy. MUAHAHAHAHA!

No and then.

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