Monday, February 4, 2008

get back to work!

Been back to work a day now and vacation already seems a millions years away. Obviously, I didn't meet a rich French man with a chateau and a vinyard. I guess I'll have stick with my little Stinko.

I'll be posting random anecdotes about the trip in the coming days but in the meantime I thought I'd share a photo of my new baby. Isn't she pretty? I don't think she's available in the States yet.

Ugh.. I totally meant to look for a bag that was on sale but this bag was just calling my name! Seriously. I could hear look... rich... bitch... Or maybe it was just my cousin saying something about how bitchy the sales gal was. Oh well. I figure since I used my miles to pay for my airfare (saved me about $700), the money I saved was put towards my new bag! Yep uh huh. So I still saved! (Note: there's no sense in trying to figure out my logic.. just accept it.)

Anyway, this bag seems to be available only at Net-a-Porter right now. And no, I didn't pay that price. Even with the exchange rate being depressing, it was still cheaper to buy it in Paris. Now I know what the Canadians used to feel like when they'd shop in the US. Boooo.

By the way, I love my new Chloe fragrance too! It was just launched last Monday. Ohmygosh, does this qualify me as an It-Girl??

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