Thursday, February 7, 2008

hags at it again

For more backstory, go here.

On to the main event:
hag: by the way, are you and I ever going to get our lunch in?
hag: how does your schedule look?
hag: why don't you let me buy you lunch?
LRB: i actually ordered a sandwich already
LRB: gonna pick it up in a bit
hag: well i wasn't necessarily talking about today. How about maybe tomorrow or one day next week. And if you don't want to just let me know.
LRB: i have yoga tomorrow
hag: okay never mind you answered my question. I won't ask anymore.
hag: i give up and I'm tired of trying

five minutes pass...

hag: i hope your happy
LRB: i am perfectly happy
hag: that's exactly what i mean. all you care about is you. That's sad. And you feel good about that? Wow
hag: so much for being a team
LRB: what does having lunch have to do with being part of the "team"? it's my lunch hour. I can do as a please.
LRB: I do my work. I pitch in. So don't even say that I'm not doing my share
hag: ok
hag: then just say you don't want to have lunch. Stop beating around the bush and making up excuses all the time.
LRB: fine. i don't want to have lunch.

What the eff is her problem??


Anonymous said...

How the hell did she get past the screening process at your work. Seriously this hag is nutso....


Anonymous said...

LOOOOVE IT. Hahah! You should ask her if she can find anything else or one that can validate her existence or must she really beg for it down every avenue - including yours!

Pazzokevin said...

I want free lunch. Send her my way.