Monday, March 3, 2008

hits & misses

I woke up early yesterday and met my cousin at Target for the new Go International line by Jovovich-Hawk. (Yes, we're insane.)

They didn't even have the display out yet! But we asked and they brought the entire rack out for us to dig through. Some of the pieces were heinous, but we found a few that were quite cute!

I picked up this cute little terry dress. It's really comfortable and I think it'll be great for the summer.

I also bought this dress. I tried it on and it's not as long as it is on the model. I'll have to wear a tank underneath though. I don't have enough cleavage. Haha. D'oh.

I also bought some booty short that were only $15 and super cute.

I'm always tempted to buy a lot of stuff, but I tried to keep it to items that I know I'll actually wear - though I've been browsing online this morning too. Only because not everything was available at the store.

I should get back to work. That'll keep me from shopping.

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