Wednesday, March 19, 2008

must... keep.. going...

This is so annoying.

I've been exercising regularly for the last several weeks and I really haven't seen any results other than being unable to walk up the stairs from the soreness. I just keep telling myself that I'll see the results soon.

Then Stinko goes to the gym just a couple times in the last week and already he sees changes and improvements. Basically, he'll be back to "normal" in a couple more weeks, even after foregoing the the gym for more than 3-4 months!

How is that even fair? Stinko needs to work out regularly just to keep his weight up. It's just so wrong. If he doesn't go to the gym, he loses weight so fast. I wish my life was like that. All that ever happens is that my arms get bulky and then I can't fit my shirts any more.

I hate that when I stand behind him, you can still see me. Damn these birthin' hips.

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