Thursday, March 13, 2008

there's a new hag in town

There’s a new gal sitting next to me at work. I really shouldn’t be judging her mainly because she’s only been here for four days. So far, she doesn’t seems like the sharpest tool in the shed. But I’ll give you an update after 90 days. She kinda talks like one of those ladies on the SNL skit about Scwheddy Balls. She’s always saying how she’s embarrassed. It’s weird how nervous she is. And she didn’t know what a PDF was. WTH?

Here’s an update on the other hag though.

Ever since that last conversation, I blocked her from my IM and life has been peachy keen! Except today. She’s over here flappin’ her hag jaw about how she got burned while using the tanning bed at her apartment. Then she flashes me her gut and not only does it look like a red hot slab of Christmas ham, but she seriously has her belly button pierced! Ewwiiee!

Let me get this straight.. People started getting their bellies pierced circa 1996… Most likely she didn’t get it pierced until a few years into the fad so we’ll say maybe around 2000. Hag is about 50 years old… Do the math. She got it done at 42!

Kids, if you get body piercings, take ‘em out when you hit 30. It’s not cute.

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Hapalicious said...

Red hot slab of Christmas ham?! Ewwww! I can totally imagine!