Friday, March 14, 2008

a whole new world

My mummy only recently discovered why I absolutely love using large bags. She couldn’t stand my YSL Muse bag and she had no idea why I would buy the Chloe bag in Paris. Then she started using this bag that she bought for me in Italy. (I’m such a bag snob and never used it because it wasn’t designer. D’oh! Anyway, this isn’t about me.) It’s a pretty big bag and she started stuffing it with all her knick-knacks that she used to carry in a second bag. Now she sees that with a big bag, she can carry it all!

When she tried to change back to one of her little bags, she got so annoyed with it because it was too small! Hahaha. I created a monster. So the other night she was talking about buying the Louis Vuitton Neverfull bag because it’s big without being too heavy. I told her that she could borrow the Louis Vuitton Horizontal Lock-It bag that she had given to me a couple years ago. (This was the bag that her friend convinced her to buy but she never used it because she felt it was too big!) Now she’s convinced that I stole the bag from her because she loves it so much. Whatever.. Indian giver.

In exchange, I took her “vintage” Chanel wallet. I hope she visits her friend in NYC again, so she can convince mummy to buy another designer bag.

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