Thursday, April 17, 2008

i am to modest! i am! i am! i am!

That new hag I work with is pretty nice. And she doesn't seem to be a lazy and fat like the other hags I work with. Basically, I don't hate her, which is quite an accomplishment since I'm a jaded, angry, minority working for The Man.

But of course, I still have a gripe. It's a silly one, but I'm a brat. My gripe is that she compliments me too often! Every morning she compliments me on my outfit. Yesterday she even said I looked like a model. Now, I'm no hag, but I'm no Victoria's Secret model either - I could probably pass for a Sears model or maybe a Target ad.

Seriously, I have a pretty good fashion sense but some days I roll into work wearing a hoody, jeans and sneaks. She'll still find something to gush about. I'm sure she's just trying to be friendly, but I'd prefer to have compliments on days that I actually deserve one!

I won't begrudge the girl who has good taste in other girls with good taste but egads!

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J-j-j-jack! said...

i think you meant to say that you're TOO modest...typos...weren't you an english major? smh! haha! you tell them stupid hags, sis! woot!