Wednesday, April 16, 2008

who asked you?

I know I don't need new jeans, but I really want to get a new pair of straight leg jeans. I kinda like these mid rise J Brand ones at ShopBop. They're $159 but right now that have a $25 discount. But that means it's only about 15% off. That's not a sale! I need them to be $100 off.

I wonder if Barney's has them... I still have some cheddar on that gift card. I don't know how much though. It can be a little surprise for myself!

Will it be $10? Or $50? Oh what fun! WHEEEEE!

Oooh.. Or I should totally wait to see if I get any gift cards to Nordstroms from work! I'm expecting at least one, in the next couple weeks. Double WHEEEEE! Too bad Nordstrom doesn't carry J Brand any more.

Got any suggestions for dark, straight leg jeans? I like plain ones.

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