Wednesday, April 9, 2008


So I had to drop off a few items at my alterations/dry cleaners last week and she told me they'd be ready by (last) Friday. I didn't have time to go after work so I went on Saturday. To my annoyance, she's closed on the first Saturday of every month.

Oh well. No biggie.

Then on Monday I had to stay late at work and couldn't make it there before they closed. So then I went on Tuesday afternoon.

As soon as I walked in, her jaw dropped. "Oops! I forgot! It's not done yet!" WTH? I guess even that's kinda okay since I had one more dress with me that needed the straps taken up. After she pins the straps, she comments that my boobs don't fill it out all the way.

Gee, thanks.

She offered to add some fake boobs. I said no... Then she said I needed to lose some weight so the dress would look better, or just wear some spanx.

Just what I needed. An old Korean lady telling me that I'm a flat-chested moo-cow with big hips. She's lucky she does a damn fine job with alterations!

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