Wednesday, April 9, 2008

red in the face

I think I'm finally used to wearing my new-ish red lipstick... I bought MAC's Russian Red a few weeks ago and have only worn it a few times.

I'm used to wearing nude/sheer glosses so I don't need to worry about making a mess. But the first time I wore the red was a disaster! I forgot I had to be more cautious and ending up eating some nuts from my hand. Next thing you know, my knuckles are all blotchy and red. Hmm.. What is that? Holy crap! It's my lipstick!

There was lipstick smudged all over my face and teeth.. Did I mention I was at work? Oh and then I met a girl friend for lunch. I tried to be even more careful. Alas, I end up with lipstick on my nose.

But I get it now! Yay for ooh la la lips! I don't usually like matte lipsticks because it feels so dry, but I don't mind this one. What's great about it is that it doesn't travel into the creases around my lips like most other high-shine reds do.

Too bad hunny bunny refuses smoochies when I look so smoochable. I guess he doesn't want to be red in the face either.

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