Tuesday, July 1, 2008

back to blah

Dang. Cabo came and went fast. Now I feel like I have nothing else to look forward to for the rest of the summer. *sigh*

Oh woe is me! I want to go back.

Maybe I should go shopping to make myself feel better! It'll only be at F21, I swear! After my budget-breaking Jimmy Choo purchase, I've been put on a self-imposed shopping restriction until October..

Before you get your panties in a bunch, I'm still allowed to shop (because I would be setting myself up for failure to even contemplate giving up shopping for that many months!) I'm only allowed to spend the cash that I make helping my folks out at their jewelry shop. Whew!

More vacay details to come! Just wanted to say hi to everyone! Missed you!


Tam Pham said...

YAY!!!!! you're back. too bad you didn't have a long layover in dallas or I would have totally picked you from DFW airport and taken you to the Neimans outlet that is right down the street from the airport!!!!

Diabolina said...

glad you're back. looks beautiful. can't wait to see more. especially da outfits. already digging the little easy dress and sunnies ;)

p.s. please send me some diamonds from your parents' jewelry already.

evo devo said...

nice to know that you're back because I was actually enjoying your posts!!!!

oh and I've been wanting to ask you if you would like to do a link exchange with my blog...

jack in the box said...

where's my post card, beyotch?