Wednesday, July 2, 2008

i was googled

PazzoKevin had a little post a few days ago about what people googled to ended up at his blog. I was inspired by his witty commentary and decided to list my own. Most people who find me are searching for discount codes or designers or makeup or any number of benign things.

While I'll admit that I frequently use unsavory terms, it's always in jest. I'm definitely not one of those sickos out there.. But there are plenty of sickos that have found me. I'm sure they were sorely disappointed to find that I'm just talking about boring clothes. Here are some of my favorite queries:

suck for a buck- Move on! You ain't gonna find it here!

nice bootie - Thank you very much! I like doing squats.

fart smells like onions - uhhh.. grody...

tights -sex -sexy -porn -fetish -men - I need a shower! I feel dirrrrty!

shauna sand shoe line - Oh lord! How many different styles can there be for lucite high heels??

thick booty blogspot - I wonder if there is such a blog out there.. I'm too scared to find out.


Diabolina said...

hilarious. at one point i was the first google result for patriotic stripper sandals. the searcher was in florida.

Fashion Addict said...

thanks for adding my link!