Tuesday, July 15, 2008

cougar attack!

Okay, here's a little update about my cutie patootie swim instructor.

He missed lessons yesterday, so conversation of course veered to him. It turns out all the ladies in my class have been drooling over him! Hahaha. I guess it's kinda obvious though because as soon as he shows up, we turn into a group of giggling school girls.

After much discussion, another gal shows up and informs us that he was out because he had to do some freshman orientation for college. I hope he's 18.


At least the other gals in class are older than I am! Whew. I'm only 12-13 years his senior.


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Diabolina said...

the peeper and i are big cits (cougars in training.) can't wait to be 80 and do whatever we want. pinch boys' butts, say whatever we want. it will be grand.