Thursday, July 3, 2008

i think i need cpr

* Note to Hunny Bunny - stop reading NOW.

As you all know, I've been in my second session of adult swimming lessons. It's been going pretty well. Well it turns out that our female instructor was just subbing for the week. Our real instructor is a guy.

And holy crap what a guy! He's soooooo hot! *sigh* Perfect swimmer's body.. Dreamy blue eyes.. ARGH!

I'm such a cougar. ROWR! I'm sure this guy is like 17 years old and thinks I'm this crazy old lady who's so scared of the water.

As an instructor, he's no joke. He had us working on doing the butterfly. Umm. I still don't have the breast stroke down yet! And then he made us practice doing front flips so we don't have to stop when we're doing laps. Dude, I got so much water up my nose I thought my brain was going to burst! Oh, and then he decides it's high time we start diving into the deep end!

He's lucky he's hot. Otherwise I would've said no.


Diabolina said...

i was JUST watching the swimming olympic trials at the gym. practically licked the screen. yum. the first boy i kissed was a water polo stud. old habits die hard.

yay to diving off the deep end ;)

kcaj said...

your head almost exploded! that's awesome!