Thursday, July 31, 2008

know what I'm doing during lunch?

I think I just like torturing myself.

See you at noon!


style-ish said...

AAACCK!! I wish I worked closer to Mario's. I might have to walk my ass up there today.

Let us know if you get anything!

p.s. that reminds me, last year I attended the Mario's superbowl sale with my fiance. Bad idea as there were groups upon groups of small asian women there first who grabbed, punched, pulled and hoarded all the good sizes. They glared at me if I even so much looked in their direction. I need to form a group, interested in elbowing a few b*tches out of the way with me? ;)

lookrichbitch said...

OMG. I may have been part of that group! We're pretty vicious. Hahaha. I never bring the boy with me. He can't handle it.

You need to join our group! Def meet up next year. hehehe.

A couple years ago, I had my hands on this Oscar de la Renta dress. Totally not my style, but really pretty. I guess this woman had scoped out that dress the night before and really wanted it. She and her husband harrassed me for nearly 2 hrs - following me around the store, sending salespeople over to ask me if i was going to get the dress, etc. It got to the point were complete strangers knew what was going on and they tried to hide me! Haha! I bought the dress out of spite for them. (If they were nice and left me alone, I would've given it to them!)

I bought it for $400 or so and turned around and sold it on ebay for $700! HAHAHAHA!