Wednesday, July 30, 2008

recessionista indeed

On a tip from my new friend Style-ish (thanks TamPham!), I rushed over to my neighborhood Rack to rummage through their new shipment of designer shoes. Style-ish was right.

Cute shoes everywhere! A pair of fun, patent Alaias reminscent of those saltwater sandals I wore back in the day, a sky-high pair of snakeskin Nina Riccis, bright blue Balenciagas, silvery, braided Stella McCartneys (actually would have bought these if one of the straps wasn't missing!) The list goes on and on!

Alas, I chose to save my pennies. I liked, but didn't love. Mango was with me and had a very good point - yes, they were all very cute but still at $200+.. Might as well pay the extra couple hundred and get the Lanvins from the other day, if I'm gonna bite the bullet. (I still remember when you could get a pair of Pradas or Missonis for $99 at the Rack! Oh the good ol' days!)

No bullets will be bitten today.


Tam Pham said...

wtf?!? the only designer shoes at the dallas nordstrom rack are Coach! (no offense to those who love Coach! i have some Coach shoes, I swear!)

p.s. i love introducing friends :-).

style-ish said...

oh! Glad that you went to check it out! I hear ya, you gotta get the ones you LOVE even if it's more expensive. I'm torn about the ones I bought.

tam pham is awesome for introducing us! =)