Tuesday, July 22, 2008


It's my hair! Sorry it's not the best photo. I didn't have anyone to take it for me!

As you can see, I now have fun, beach waves! Styling is soooo easy too! Just wash, apply some curl juice (I use Aveda's Be Curly), twist into sections and blow out my bangs. The rest is air dried. Oh and did I mention I did all of that last night?

It still looks good after a restful night. Yay!


Diabolina said...


looks beautiful and easy and STYLED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

love it!!!!

i am thinking of japanese straightening mine again. can't take the curls.

WendyB said...

Very nice!
@Diabolina, I was so into the Japanese straightening years ago but one time I did it and felt that afterwards, for a long time, I was shedding hair at a faster rate than normal. So I stopped doing it. I miss the convenience of it. Flat irons are always defeated by rain.

Brooke said...

You're hair looks fantastic. I'm sold. :)

Tam Pham said...

looks great!!!!!

Michelle said...

NICE! Love how it looks so natural and not overly "done"

Love it!

style-ish said...

hi there! Tam sent me over as I just posted about my perm. we both got it done at Ten Pachi! How funny!

I got a digital perm and love love love it!

You're hair looks great too!