Saturday, July 19, 2008

perfect ten

So I'm sure you could tell in my last post that I was kinda in panic mode - a touch of Post-Perm Anxiety. I couldn't take it any more! So I sent a frantic (but very nice!) email to the salon regarding my possible hair regrets. I'm not usually a complainer, I'm much more passive-aggressive - would rather tell everyone I know to never, ever, EVER go there.

But it's my hair and it's *gulp* permanent.

The salon owner, Dot, was gracious enough to respond within the hour with true understanding. She quickly invited me to come in the next day to have her take a look at my hair and "see what we can do". Huge sigh of relief!

I arrived at the completely packed TenPachi and was ushered in by Dot. She squeezed me in between her multitude of clients and reassured me that she'd take care of me. I felt so guilty sitting there as the unsatisfied customer but everyone was extremely kind, which totally put me at ease.

What I'd expected was that Dot would just wet my hair and restyle it for me. What I wasn't expecting was being treated to a lavish shampoo and a deep conditioning treatment under the dryer, followed by some yummy scented hair vitamins. Next, Dot sized up my sizable hair and gave me a full hair cut to reduce the weight. Then she applied product and styled my hair gorgeously, all the while giving me tips and reassuring me that a lot of girl get PPA and to not feel bad about coming in.

She also invited me to make an appointment in a couple weeks, after my hair has settled even more, to get my hair shampooed and to get even more tips on styling my new curly coif.

It doesn't end there. As I went to the register to pay (and I really planned to pay because she went above and beyond with the cut and style), Dot declined everything, including my gratuities! Not only that, she gave me two full sized products to take home!

While my new 'do still isn't exactly how I'd pictured it, it's a million times better than what I had going on yesterday. And with the knowledge that the curls will subside with time, I no longer have any regrets.

Regardless of all that, Dot, Yuki and the staff at TenPachi clearly won me over and I plan to be a customer for a long time!

I love happy endings. Photos to come, I promise!


Brooke said...

Oooooooo, I can't wait to see the results!

PS - I'm both Brooke and Loosy. ;)

Diabolina said...

am dying!

Tam Pham said...

i want to see your new hair NOW!

The Exception said...

I think I need to find myself a hairdresser like that!! From the picture you posted, it looks rather lovely!! x