Tuesday, August 5, 2008

i likey

I went to Urban Outfitters during lunch on my feather quest and what do I find instead? These adorable slouchy boots!

They're not exactly the Loeffler Randall Mathilde boots that I've been oohing and aahing over for months but these are like $600 cheaper too!

I mean if I wanted to spend that much money on some boots, I'd be getting these
delectable Valentino ankle booties!

Just dreaming.

Ahem! So I think I'll return those UGG boots that I bought during the boring Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and pick these little guys up.


tam pham said...

don't you love nordie's return policy??!?! both booties are cuties!

fashionablemd said...

I was in Nordstom on Sunday and a girl working there had on the.cutest boots- i thought they were the Loeffler Randall Matilda boots. But they were Steve by Steve Madden! Check them out:


Or a similar Steve Madden pair:


Apparently the first pair were on sale during the Anniversary sale, but they're still a reasonable price.

fashionablemd said...

Apparently I'm an idiot..."Mathilde" that should be!

lookrichbitch said...

Thank you so much for the tip!

I may just have to go try them on! I've never had much luck with Steve Madden shoes though. They always end up killing my feet!

LaCouturier said...

those valentino ankle booties are adorable!!! =]

please visit my blog & comment! =]


Diabolina 3.1 said...

me loves the boots. you done bueno.

post how you wear them. those would stump me.

Tiffany said...

I like the slouchy boots. been thinking about getting a pair myself. I agree with you about Steve Madden. The plastic leather that they use is killer on my feet.

I heart those Valentino's!

Tiffany said...

I just checked out the boots that fasionablemd commented on and dang those DO look like Loeffler Randals! I might have to give SM another chance.