Monday, September 15, 2008

great white

Okay, so this bag isn't really white. It's more of a cream color. Either way, I'm retiring it for the year. This is the second Chanel that my mom ever bought. Can you tell she really liked this shape?

The hardware on the bag is on the verge of being an obnoxious gold but I think it just shows have fabulous the 80s were. I get so many compliments when I use it.

I especially love wearing it when I'm really dressed down and throwing it across my chest messenger style. The straps aren't really long enough for me to do that but I keep it towards the back and out of my way. I love carrying fancy bags when I'm wearing sweats.

The envelope pocket in the front is perfect for keeping my iphone and car keys easy to reach. There are three additional compartments at the top. One is full zipped and the other two are completely spacious.

Don't you think that all bags should have tons of pockets? I hate bags that turn into the black hole because of the lack of compartments. I'm a big fan of using pouchettes and other means of organizing to keep everything separate. I can't tell you how many calls I've missed because I couldn't find my phone! And have you had a wily tube of lipstick open in your bag and get everywhere? Not fun.


tam pham said...

TO DIE FOR. seriously, why are you retiring it???

Tiffany said...

love the vintage chanel!

i think i must raid my mother's closet for her vintage chanel now.

oh and you should see how many makeup bags/pochettes/wristlets I keep in my gigantic handbags. I can't stand the black hole of finding anything either. J got me a LV Wapity last year to hold my cellphone. it's perfect as all I need to do is feel for the case!

Diabolina 3.1 said...

I LOVE IT. I would wear it all winter. Winter whites, mama!

p.s. me loves pouchettes too!

Savvy Mode SG said...

i have a black one like it from years ago. maybe i can use it for winter now.