Tuesday, October 7, 2008


I know you've been missing me. So in honor of the *ahem 6th anniversary of my 25th birthday, I will share my least fashionable moment (and most touristy!) during my trip to San Francisco.

Update: I had sent this post in via email and not all of it showed up. So here's the rest of it...

Yes, here I am modeling the latest in segway fashion. Notice I'm doing my best Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen signature prune lips in hopes that it'll add a little bit of the sexay I so desperately need.

I'll be the first to admit that riding the segway was sooooooo fun! Totally worth looking like a trash collector. (We rode by a guy who was actually pushing around the trash can wearing the EXACT vest. Sad!)


tam pham said...


Your friend in Dallas

Tiffany said...

Welcome Back and Happy Birthday!!

you pull off the prune lips. Quite sexay!

j.a.c.k said...

man, you suck so bad in that pic! i shoulda went too :(