Wednesday, October 8, 2008

redemption.. maybe.

I normally don't like to post pictures of myself, but after the last photo, I had something to prove.

So here I am.


  • Milly strapless dress. Hides the muffin.
  • Theory blazer that barely fits! Ouch.
  • Balenciaga heels. Loves!
  • Vintage Judith Leiber snakeskin clutch.
  • Chanel-inspired diamond ring.
  • Opera-length pearls.

  • How did I do?

    Oh! And I suppose I should include the context of my outfit! I wore this to my Great Aunt's bday party in SF!


    Brooke said...

    Love the blazer and pearls. HOT!

    Tiffany said...

    i heart everything about this!! that judith leiber clutch is amazing. i wish to see it in person please. :)

    YAYAY more outfit pictures!!! Maegan said...


    tam pham said...

    you "shut it down".

    eno said...

    Dahling you look marvelous. Love the pose, and glad you didn't swirl out your face (creepy!...not your face...the swirl).

    j.c. said...

    sharkfin and abalone! mmm, endangered...

    Diabolina 3.1 said...

    you are the hotness!!!!!!!!