Thursday, October 30, 2008

heading south-ish

Mango and I are heading down to Portland, OR for a day of tax-free shopping this weekend. We've been scopin' out restaurants for the past couple days and have settled on two.

The Oregonian recommended Belly Timber so we're going to try it for brunch. Their Belly Benedict sounds scrumptious with poached eggs, roasted pork belly and hollandaise. Anything with pork belly is divine!

And finally, since we don't want to drive home too late, we decided we'll eat supper some where in between Seattle and Portland. A quick search for diners along Interstate 5 came up with the Country Cousin in Centralia.

My brother Jack is somewhat concerned for our safety since we'll be two Asian girls in a predominately er... non-Asian area. I told him not to worry because I plan to wear my Obama shirt that day. D'oh. I joke, I joke.

From pork belly to greasy spoon. I hope I don't die of a heart attack on the way home. *burp*


tam pham said...

have so much fun!!!! buy lots of tax-free goodies!

capt jack said...

buy me something