Friday, January 2, 2009

punch drunk love

Mostly just drunk but that was later in the evening.

Hunny Bunny made dinner reservations for New Year's Eve at one of my favorite places - Restauarnt Zoe. Of course I had to dress up a little bit, even though it was freezing outside.

boatneck top with lantern sleeves - corey lynn calter
studded skinny belt - mossimo
high-waisted skirt - marc by marc jacobs
tights - dkny
suede booties - miu miu

This is what happens when no one is around to take a picture for me. And of course I didn't think to bring my camera out with me.

New year's resolution? Figure out this whole picture-taking thing! Or at least somehow convince HB that taking my photo on a regular basis if fun for everyone! Yeehaw!

Oh and I also tried doing the messy side bun that Maegan demonstrated on her blog. It was sooo cute! But yet again, I can only tell you about it because I didn't take a picture! I really need to get with it.

My bad.


Tiffany said...

we love restaurant zoe as well. the people that work there are always so nice.

heart the booties. gorgeous!!

Diabolina Da Fashionista said...

super cute. wishing i could see the bun.

taking more pictures was on of the best parts of last year. i used to be shy about whipping it out. no more now!!! Maegan said...

oh yay!!! I'm glad it turned out cute! you totally should have taken a pic!