Friday, February 20, 2009

long weekend part i

Made Hunny Bunny promise that we would stop at the Lululemon outlet on the way to Vancouver. Promised that I wouldn't take too long. *fingers crossed*

Late start to a long drive. Went on a last minute morning run with my dad. Had a little breakfast with the folks and then went to pick HB up.

Can you guess what I was doing during the car ride? Texting Mango to order sale items from eLuxury on my behalf! It was an additional 50% off the sale price after all... Not to mention she had an additional 25% off discount too!

For under $60, don't you think the JBrand Lovestory jeans are a must have?

And I kinda love these Y-3 flats. I need comfy shoes after buying all those high heels during the holidays! I'm all about balance.... D'oh.

Two hours later later we arrived at Lululemon heaven and I spend a short (or long depending on who you ask) hour deciding if I really need another yoga top and calling Mango to see if she also didn't need another yoga top. I finally concluded that no, I didn't need a new yoga top but that I did need a new running jacket, sports bra top and yoga pants!

All were 50% off or more. Natch.

Stopped at the Duty Free shop as we crossed the border to pick up some tax-free booze. That's when I realized they now carry Smashbox! I had to pick up their primer and fan brush.

We finally reached Richmond, B.C. for a comforting lunch of congee and noodle soup. I also grabbed some yummy snacks at the nearby bakery including my favorite pastry of them all - Hot Dog Buns!

I know, it sounds totally weird but it's sooooo good.

No more shopping for the rest of the drive because my iPhone doesn't work in the land of Canucks.

Oh Whistler, my dahling... Did you miss me? I missed you! be continued...


drollgirl said...

you are a house on fire!!!!!

eno said...

DUDE every time I see those hot dog buns I salivate. I've never even had them before but they look yummy. And when did you get so artsy fartsy with the food pictures?!

Anonymous said...

I have randomly visiting the blog for a couple of months. It's funny that you call those things "hot dog buns" because in TX they're called kolaches! haha. :-)

Kolaches are awesome... especially the egg filled ones. Mmmm...

Breanne said...

Hey, I love your blog! I was just wondering where the Lululemon outlet is located?! Also, if you thought it was worth it, like were there good discounts?!

Breanne :)