Monday, December 7, 2009

ben dover

For the last couple years, I was doing yoga at least once or twice a week during lunch at the office. Then I got laid off and didn't have the dolla-dolla-bills-y'all to pay for both my prewedding bootcamp and fancy-schmancy yoga.

Months went by and I went to a few random Bikram Yoga class but I missed my regular yoga class. I just can't get into hot yoga... I don't know why I torture myself. I keep thinking that I'll like the heat, but I never do.

Then one of my good friends, who recently began teaching yoga offered to teach a class to me and a group of my friends. It was perfect. I was sore for days! And it made me realize that I need to quit thinking about signing up for yoga, and just go for it!

So I did.

I signed up for the introductory series at my neighborhood studio. But now all I can think about is yoga clothes!

Salivating over these lululemon pantswith the scrunchy ankles and these hot pink reversible pants (they're black on the inside). If only I had a discount!

My new evening schedule: Bootcamp - M&W
Yoga - T&Th

Hunny Bunny's evening schedule: Warcraft - MTWThFSSu



tam pham said...

impressive. i haven't worked out in 3 months. no lie.

Da Fashionista said...

i loves me some yoga. kept meaning to do it my last week of vacation but something always came up.
ommmmmm to you, my pretty!

Savvy Gal said...

Yoga really makes a difference in my body tone.