Tuesday, January 15, 2008

morning coffee

IM conversation with the hag this morning ~

hag: thank you for all your help while I was out. i was so sick on Friday. Couldn't even swallow my throat and head hurt so bad. Oh well it's behind me now. But thank you.
LRB: ic
LRB:: were you here on fri? i don't remember
hag: oh your [sic] funny.
hag: thanks, that really makes me feel wanted

Gawd I'm such a b*tch but I guess that's my name, huh? (BTW, I wasn't even the one covering for her! And I've confirmed that she didn't even thank either of the gals who did!) So then I totally ignore her last response and 10 minutes later she IMs me again:

hag: just kidding, it's ok not to notice when I'm not here, it's not like we sit by each other or anything. LOL

For more backstory go here.

Is it me or is she totally passive aggressive? I don't care. I have three more days until vacation! I don't have time to boost her self-esteem. So I guess I'll just stomp on it.

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